Trisha R Jackson

Sales and Marketing in the Social World

Are you standing in your own way?

Posted by trisharjackson on April 15, 2009

In a fast growing social world, it’s  more apparent to me how many companies stand in their own way of success – both in sales and customer service.  I’ve found that employees are constantly divided between the old world  of standing firm behind their business practices, policies, and procedures; and the new one where their customers define how, when, and in what capacity they choose to interact with and buy from them.

Time in today’s world moves much faster than those of yesterday. Businesses must be able to think, act, and communicate quickly (and personally) on customer demands. Customers don’t care why the rules exist – they just want more control over the way they interact and buy from you. If their expectations are not met, they’ll buy from your competitor.

Are you standing in  your own way of success? Do you:

  • Make it easy for customers to find out how to to call, click or visit your business and allow them to define how they should communicate with you?
  • Talk with your customers personally?
  • Avoid “the small print?”
  • Act as a resource if you can’t meet a customer’s needs even if it means to refer them to a competitor?
  • Ask your customers how you can collaborate to resolve an issue?
  • Allow employees to do the right thing by give them the authority and opportunity to be the customer service hero?
  • Enable your sales people to build and grow relationships both online and off (getting out from behind a desk)?

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