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Building Your Personal Brand

Posted by trisharjackson on March 31, 2009

Have you Googled yourself today?  What are people saying about you? How engaged are you? What does this say about your personal brand?

Sales is not a 5 letter dirty word. We are all sales people – we sell ourselves to earn trust in friends, to find partners, to secure a new job, and even convince a child why they should eat their veggies.  At the same time, we’re building our personal brand.  Each conversation with have with someone tells them a little about who we are.  Those people build an opinion and decide whether or not to keep in touch with you.

In this sales process, your words and actions are a part of building your personal brand. Become a resource for those you meet within your community.  Offer to help them solve a problem if what they are after is in an area in which you are experienced.  Follow-up and share your knowledge with them – information transfer is very powerful!

Becoming a great resource to your community means a commitment to being an ever-learning student.  Stay on top of your game by reading the latest news and research (online or off), reading books and talking with other experts on topics you’re interested in. With the rate of information transfer today, you risk losing credibility if you’re sharing information documented in a book published 15 years ago.

What groups or communities are you a part of online?  Using online resources to learn about new local networking groups or community activities is a place to start such as Tweetups or local LinkedIn groups.  While offline groups like Rotary are still very important in some industries and for those that aren’t internet savvy, communicating online opens a lot more relationship building opportunities broader and faster than offline groups can.

Stuck on how to begin?  Consider using Twitter or LinkedIn to join in the conversation with people who share your similar interests.  With both of these tools, I’ve met some incredible people.  And it’s not all business – we get to know each other on a personal level which deepens both of our personal brands.

In the end, it’s not about who you know, it’s about who knows you.  I’ll go one step further – of those who know you, can they tell 10 others 3 positive things about you? And that’s how your brand recognition begins.


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